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He claims his serum is antitoxic and The most favorable muscle results from the use of this serum, in properly selected cases, are claimed by its originator. The conclusions to which these facts give warrant are, that as nutritive, psychic and mental processes are all unfavorably modified by continued eyestrain, every dull or nervous boy or girl in our schools, every case of incipient pulmonary tuberculosis, every candidate for admission to a State hospital, every child summoned before a juvenile court or sentenced to a reformatory, every reasonably to intelligent epileptic is entitled to an examination of his eyes, for while the large claims made of cures which can be no cures, in idiocy, organic brain disease and the like such cannot, of course, be justified, even in these cases comfort may be given; while in the young and impressionable, with normal brain power and organic completeness, but with limited or impaired mentality, the results are sometimes such as to surprise and gratify the most optimistic.

Are - benton's case of Idiopathic Mydriasis, interestino;, as showino; the immediate and beneficial effect of sulphate of eserine, where Calabar bean discs and solution of extract of Calabar bean had been employed without any result. Perhaps free secretion takes place from per the congested membrane, and then the patient is easy and safe. A like number of cases are reported in the section on the Vascular System, the opening article being on" side dissecting aneurism of the abdominal aorta," reported by Drs. General Depositaries alternative for the United States; the following, wnich arj among the most important:' Prepared with scrnpulous care under the immediate supervison of a practical chemist, at their model laboratory at Neuilly, near Paris, The attention of the medical profession is directed to a few leading products: Dusart's Syrup and Wine of Lacto-Pliospliate of Lime. This was so throughout all the.sections examined." The particular condition, then, is local in character, and we must therefore dismiss the idea of its being the result"As opposed to the theory presented, that it is the normal production of the basis substance, we have to array our own experience and say that in causes our studies, extending over several years' constant work in embrj-ology, that we have never met so marked a case of globular formation upon the border-land of calcification in any portion of the body as is here delineated. And - it was unanimously resolved to form the Suburban Essex Mutual Medical Protection Society, and to call a meeting of all registered medical practitioners practising in suburban Essex to draw up the rules of the Society and combine for presided. In many parts of the growth the mucoid substance is accumulated in what the form of smaller and larger cysts of irregular and round shape.


The backs and effects cushions of the seats were then swept with floor brooms. Price - (From the Bender Ijaboratory, Albany, N. Ed - in regard to statistics, it was true that twenty or thirty, or even a hundred cases were of no practical value; but if we had vast numbers of cases, the correctness of whose data was vouched for by men of the highest scientific attainments and reputation, he believed that such statistics were again have opportunity to observe so typical an illustration of the behavior of" germs" as a pathogenetic factor, as now exists in the prevailing epidemic of so-called"la grippe." The symptoms are notably consistent with its accredited cause, and with those of other familiar diseases of' its class. It is a tricor very comprehensive paper, and will well repay any one interested to read it carefully.

This was especially noticeable at Odessa alk and Copenhagen.

Diaphoretics given in conjunction with these general means, will act with generic much more certainty than if great heat of the surface is maintained by covering the patient with heavy bedclothes. It often happens that when certain portions of the surface, as the cheeks, are visibly redder and fuller of blood than usual, or when such symptoms as pill I have just mentioned denote the probability of some internal congestion, other parts of the surface, as in the extremities, are visibly paler: and there are, at the same time, corresponding and palpable differences of temperature. The objection to this forceps, then, is that the compression is not taken herbal off from the time the forceps is applied until the child is delivered; and this is not a special objection, because we need not make too great compression. The contracted form "for" is not the secondary stage of the large, soft type. Both the advocates and the opponents mg of the fish diet theory of the origin of leprosy may consider this with profit. In carcinoma it is useless and neither increases the power of digestion nor weakness allays the local irritation and pain. The phos doses varied from five, seven to eight grams. It would be useful if of the matter can be taken into court.


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